A special olive oil from Turkey

"Olive" Facts



Taste is based on personal perception and rooted in one's own individual experiences. This is why you should try it for yourself. Test LAMPONIA and find out if it savors you or not. Compare it with other products. Be your own judge, the bottom line are your own taste buds.

Some guidelines for trying and testing:

Color test: A greenish or yellowish discoloration of the oil does not matter. Oils with similar color can produce huge taste differences. As a guideline, though, olive oil should be judged only by its scent and - of course - its taste.

Scent test: Smell the fruitiness from the open bottle, or better, put three to four tea spoons of olive oil in a glass to get a grasp of the oil's scent.

Flavor test: It only takes a tea spoon full of olive oil to perceive its characteristics. Taste the fruitiness, its bitter or sweet, if it is hot or mild, intense or fading.

Test several olive oils to find your favorite! LAMPONİA's small 0.25 l volume bottle ideally fits the purpose. We strongly believe that you will agree with LAMPONİA's distinct features. It is truly a special olive oil from Turkey.


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