A special olive oil from Turkey

"Olive" Facts



Originally from Asia Minor, the olive tree has been cultivated for 3000 years in the Mediterranean area. The LAMPONİA olive groves can be found behind the bay of Edremit, laidout over a range of hills. Along the coast there are some modest villages, nowadays prominent tourist destinations. The ancient city of Antandos, being one of the long gone Troas cities, as well as Lamponia were located there. In the south-west there are the beautiful mountains of the Ida-Massiv, mirrored in the waters of the Aegaeis Sea.

This is the land known for its olive plantations. Groves can be found close to the coastal areas as well as hillside: according to the ancient tradition of resident olive growers however, the quality of hillside grown olives is remarkably superior. LAMPONİA olives are exclusively derived from sunlit hills, responsible for the oil's exceptional taste.


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